PBC Group works across two distinct business lines, both delivered with the same high level of integrity, honesty and transparency.

Always looking ahead

PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc. is an asset management company that uses limited partnerships to pursue, develop, acquire, fund, finance and manage various real estate assets including land, real property and mortgages.

All our investments are based on strategies and asset allocations that meet our clients’ needs, with attractive total returns. We are able to navigate the ups and down of the market, identifying opportunities and planning ahead while establishing lasting relationships with investors.

At present, PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc. manages assets in Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia.

Equity Investments

PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc. originates, repositions, develops and sells opportunistic and distressed real estate in Canada.

Our acquisition strategy

PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc. has a proven ability to source and originate acquisitions that offer higher than average market returns. We focus on “off-market” and “limited bid” situations through a network of industry contacts built over the last 30 years. PBC’s research and modeling platform has been key to our success in providing annualized returns in excess of 19% for investors.

We continually look at opportunities to recapitalize and reposition our portfolios for maximum profitability. We also go beyond what other asset managers provide by studying each property’s operating platform and market position to realize the full potential of the property and maximize the return on investment.

Target Acquisitions

PBC Group is continually on the lookout for the following types of acquisitions:

  • Corporate and private sellers wishing to sell a portfolio of owned properties that are underperforming due to a lack of expertise and capital.
  • Private sellers who have been adversely impacted by changes in the capital markets.
  • Public real estate companies or REITs seeking to dispose of significant assets to reallocate capital or to improve their balance sheets.
  • Developers seeking equity for strategic and niche development platforms in an increasingly tight credit market.

The following property types match our criteria for acquisitions:

  • Distressed or transitional real estate
  • Existing properties where we can add value by repositioning, implementing necessary upgrades for re-tenanting
  • Properties where we can include more profitable development strategies within the portfolio
  • Short-term hold periods
  • Re-capitalization and efficiently leveraged properties
  • Properties where we see significant capital return through improved cash flow and growth

Debt Investments

As first-tier lenders continue to restrict lending, PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc. provides borrowers with niche financing facilities tailored to fit their business models. We provide interest-only, no-payment options, in-house construction draw approvals, mezzanine financing and debt capital structures.

Our strategy and objectives

PBC Group invests in mortgages and loans secured by real property. Above all, we respond to all our clients’ financial requests with speed so they can proceed swiftly with their business strategies. Our quick response time – sometimes immediate and always within one week – is a key differentiator. Here are our other strategies and objectives:

  • Short term, interest only, non-CMHC insured, first, second and third mortgages, construction and land, development financing
  • Typical term 6 months to 60 months
  • Loan to value of up to 85 percent
  • Customized loan facilities
  • Mezzanine financing, structured equity investment
  • In-house loan size: $500,000 to $60,000,000

Consistent success over 50 years

PBC Development and Construction Management Group Inc. is a leader in the development and construction industry. Our growth and success are built on a comprehensive understanding of real estate acquisitions, development and redevelopment, combined with more than 50 years of experience in the construction industry.

Every capital project faces unique challenges. That means we give every project individual attention, including innovative and value engineering approaches. Our team assists clients throughout all phases of development and construction, from assessing feasibility, through site selection, land acquisition, design and construction – culminating in a turnkey solution.

One key to our success is our track record integrating our project management approach with our clients’ and stakeholders’ teams. When our collaborators have a deep understanding of our role, they can better provide us with the information we need to succeed.

Meticulous project management services

PBC Development and Construction Management Group Inc. are agents and prime consultants who actively plan, organize, motivate and manage the many resources involved in the development, design and construction of major projects.

Our team ensures correct procedures and protocols from the beginning to the end of each project with the goal of achieving our clients’ visions. We actively engage our clients, stakeholders, design and consulting and construction teams, guiding the project through to completion.

Our Services include:
  • Project definition and development of overall delivery strategy
  • Project communications plans
  • Feasibility and constructability study development
  • Conceptual budget and estimate development
  • Master schedule development
  • Municipal approvals
  • Selection of architects and engineers
  • Design management and design progress monitoring
  • Value engineering (improving functions and reducing costs)
  • Development of design standards and guidelines
  • The use of innovative and improved building materials and systems
  • Budget development and cost monitoring
  • Multi-project planning and logistics coordination
  • Development and implementation of contractor quality-assurance programs
  • Implementation of management information and reporting systems
  • Procurement strategy/long-lead item prioritization
  • Bid document review and preparation
  • Project phasing
  • Project monitoring
  • Project closeout
Our project experience includes these project types:
  • Commercial/Offices
  • Hotels
  • Mixed-use
  • Institutional
  • Recreational
  • Land development
  • Residential
  • Retail

Customized construction management services

PBC Development and Construction Management Group Inc. provides clients with extensive construction and pre-construction services, coordinating and managing all elements of a project’s trajectory. We provide customized solutions for projects with varying complexities, budgets and schedules – always with a focus on value engineering.

Our construction management services include:
  • Budget and estimating
  • Tendering
  • Government agency permits and approvals
  • Contract procurement and administration for trades
  • Construction scheduling and coordination
  • Field supervision
  • Onsite quality control, testing and inspection
  • System start-up, personnel training, and final turnover
  • Construction labour relations
  • Monitoring of jobsite safety programs
  • Project closeout